Executive Summary

Counting The Costs & Benefits of Growth​​

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Costs of Growth

Fiscal Impact

Charlottesville Virginia

Albemarle County Virginia

This study and it's findings are intended to inform decisions, point out issues, and frame issues for discussion. It's information is intended to be a guide for future policy decisions.

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Study Report


Promoting the Stewardship of Private Farm, Ranch, Forest & Natural Lands                                                                                                                                            

Appendix 2: Study Spreadsheets

The study compares the revenue Charlottesville and Albemarle residents create through property taxes with the cost of services the local governments provide to those residents. 

The study estimates the local fiscal costs and benefits of growth by specific land-use category and illustrates how such cost-benefit ratios can help the localities make better land use decisions regarding potential future growth.

The research team used a 12-step process involving reliable information sources and time-proven fiscal methodologies to validate their work.

Appendix 1: How the Study Was Done

The study spreadsheets contain the data used in the study calculations. 

Appendix 3: What Are Fiscal Impacts